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How Do I Reserve My Date?

The first step is to set up a consultation. It's easy... We provide you a link to choose the best date, time and work around your schedule. We prefer to meet with every couple to make sure that we will be able to fulfill all of your photography needs. It's a great opportunity to tell us all about your vision and we are happy to offer suggestions as well. If we are unable to meet in person, we are happy to speak to you over the phone or even on Skype. If you are excited about our style and vision, and you feel like we fit all of your wedding photography needs, we will send you a contract to sign. Once we receive your signed contract, as well as a 50% retainer, your wedding date is officially reserved!

What You Can Expect From The Irrok Team!

You should expect us to arrive early. We always arrive before we are scheduled to walk the property and make sure we are not rushed. We love working together as husband and wife and definitely compliment each other when we are side by side! Odete is very outgoing and fun, she lights up the room and really shines when its time to work with you the client during the posed portion of a session or event. Ron is very optimistic, easy-going, and will be a tremendous help when it come to following the timeline. He is very detail orientated and planning ahead comes natural to him. We compliment each other very well and our combined efforts help to provide every couple with beautiful artwork and imagery.

A Few Wedding Preparation Facts:

When the time comes to hire your wedding photographer, we think there are several things you should take into consideration. I will outline a few very important key points to consider when searching for a professional wedding photographer. First, make sure to start the process early, as most Jacksonville wedding photographers book up to at least six months to one year in advance. Make comparisons and choose the right photographer for you. Make sure to fall in love with the images as well as the photographers(s). No matter how much you like the person taking your photo you must not overlook their ability to make great images!

You Deserve Professionalism:  

Right from the beginning take note about how well your photographer keeps his or her promises. Did they call back when they said they would? How about the consultation, did they arrive on time? Don't forget, wedding photography is a service business. Will your photographer shine on your wedding day? Does he or she have the experience to handle a stressful or unexpected situation with the confidence to stay cool? Will they be the ones that you look back and say great things about or wish you had used someone else?

Amelia Island | Ritz Carlton Wedding 

I can not wait to share the collection of images we made of Jennifer & Blake's wedding at the Ritz Carlton in Amelia Island.

Here is one of my favorites from the day.

St. Augustine Wedding Photographer | Casa Monica Wedding

     We recently had the opportunity to photograph Danielle & Chad’s Downtown St. Augustine Wedding. The ceremony was held at the historic Trinity Episcopal followed by a reception at The Casa Monica Hotel. Everyone did their part to make this day a success. The staff at Fantasy Flowers outdid themselves with the beautiful arrangements and bridesmaids bouquets. The brides brooch bouquet will last the test of time and be handed thru the generations. Brooch the Possibilities created a true work of art, a timeless bouquet that took everyones attention and added the finishing touch to Danielle’s ornate wedding gown. Event management was handled by the in-house staff at the Casa Monica Hotel and it is obvious they love what they do! The bride was absolutely stunned when she enter the fully decorated grand ball room. Entertainment for he evening was the responsibility of Bill Jones with ProShow DJ Services. Bill provided top notch music and MC’d the night wonderfully. His up lighting and accent lighting near the cake really brought the room alive with complimenting colors. Mambo’s created a stunning three tier custom wedding cake with a beautiful hand piped monogram. The towering cake together with Bill’s accent lighting really provided a wonderful focal point for the room! I look forward to the next time we visit the Casa Monica Hotel in Downtown Saint Augustine and hope that we are blessed with another couple as deserving as Danielle and Chad…

Danielle & Chad's St. Augustine Wedding Photos at Casa Monica

Jacksonville Wedding Photographer | Timuquana Country Club Wedding

Say hello to Carley & Joseph who recently celebrated their wedding day at The Timuquana CC here in Jacksonville FL.

Here is one of my favorites from the day...  

Wedding Traditions and Their Origin...

#1: It’s bad luck for the groom to see the bride in her wedding dress before the ceremony.

     During the time when arranged marriages were custom, the betrothed couple wasn’t allowed to see each other before the wedding at all. The wedding symbolized a business deal between two families (romantic, huh?), and a father would have been pleased for his daughter to marry a man from a rich, land-owning family. But he also feared that if the groom met the bride before the wedding and thought she wasn’t attractive, he’d call off the wedding, casting shame onto the bride and her family. Therefore, it became tradition that the bride and groom were only allowed to meet at the wedding ceremony so that the groom did not have the opportunity to change his mind. And that veil the bride wears? Its original purpose was also to keep the groom from finding out what the bride looked like until the last possible minute, when it was too late to back out of the transaction.

#2: The bride must wear something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue.

     This Victorian rhyme is a time-honored tradition that is supposed to bring the bride good luck. Wearing “something old” expresses the newlywed couple’s desire to retain connections with their family once they enter into married life. One tradition suggests that the bride’s “something old” be an old garter given to the bride by a happily married woman so that the new bride would also enjoy a happy marriage. Wearing “something new” conveys that the couple is creating a new union that will endure forever and looking to the future for health, happiness and success. “Something borrowed” is an opportunity for the bride’s friends or family to lend her something special as a token of their love. And finally, “something blue” is a symbol of fidelity and constancy. This custom began in ancient Israel, where brides wore a blue ribbon in their hair to symbolize this promise to their new husbands. What you may not realize is that the rhyme actually ends with “…and a silver sixpence in her shoe.” Story says that placing a penny in the bride’s shoe will bring her a life filled with good fortune.

#3: The person who catches the bride’s bouquet or garter will be the next to get married.

     The story behind this tradition is downright dirty. In medieval times, it was considered lucky to get a fragment of the bride’s clothing, so hordes of guests would follow the newlywed couple into their wedding chamber after the ceremony and stand around the bed, trying to rip pieces of the bride’s gown right off her body. Because dresses were often torn apart, brides searched for alternatives to preserve their gowns and began throwing their bouquets to distract guests while they made their getaway. When the bride and groom made it safely into their wedding chamber, the groom would then crack open the door and toss the bride’s garter to the throngs of people waiting outside as a way of saying that he was about to “seal the deal.”

#4: The bride and groom must save the top layer of their wedding cake to eat on their first anniversary.

     To understand this tradition, you just have to think back to a familiar schoolyard rhyme: “First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes the baby in the baby carriage!” It used to be thought that once a wedding took place, a baby was going to come shortly after, so therefore the wedding and christening ceremonies were often linked, as were the respective cakes that were baked for each occasion. With fancy, elaborate, multi-tiered wedding cakes becoming a major trend in the 19th century, the christening cake began to take a back seat to the wedding cake. Since the top tier of the wedding cake was almost always left over, couples began to see the christening as the perfect opportunity to finish the cake. Couples could then logically rationalize the need for three tiers — the bottom for the reception, the middle for distributing, and the top for the christening.

#5: The groom must carry his new wife across the threshold of their new home to prevent bad luck.

     This tradition has a few origins. In Medieval Europe, it was scandalous for a woman to show enthusiasm about losing her virginity. By the groom carrying the bride over the threshold, she avoided looking too eager about consummating the marriage. Western Europeans, on the other hand, believed that a bride who tripped over the threshold of her new home would bring bad luck to her home and her marriage. Therefore, the groom carrying the bride into the home was a good way to avoid such a mishap altogether. In ancient cultures, the threshold of the home was considered to be a hotbed of lurking, unattached evil spirits, and since a new bride was particularly vulnerable to spirit intrusion, especially through the soles of her feet, the groom ensured that his wife would not bring any bad spirits into the house by carrying her inside.

Have An Unplugged Wedding!

On your wedding day more and more of your guests want to capture “the moment.” May we suggest that you ask your friends, family and guests to leave all camera phones, Ipads and other mobile devices tucked away or turned off during your ceremony and reception. Let them know that professional images will be made available to them by your photographer and this will prevent guest paparazzi on your big day! Included below is a link to a great article I recently came across by a wedding photographer in Ohio named Corey Ann discussing just this issue.

Strict Rules At Church.  

     No one seems to want to talk about this, but if you were to ask any photographer or cinematographer, I bet they would all share similar experiences about how strict churches dramatically limit the quality of their work. There is nothing worse than having an unhappy church representative walk up to you and say you aren't allowed to do your job because of some unprofessional videographer or photographer who set a bad example in the past. It's vital for the cinematographer and photographer, no matter their beliefs, to respect the sanctity of the ceremony, but it's also essential that the church officials understand the wishes and expectations of their couples that hired these vendors. When this mutual respect is forgotten it leads to unhappy officiants, frustrated vendors and, most importantly, a disappointed couple. It may seem impossible to bring all of these different people together, but this complex problem can be fixed with one thing, communication.

Jacksonville Wedding Photographers | TPC Sawgrass Country Club Wedding

     Alicia and Josiah tied the knot  at The Ponte Vedra TPC Sawgrass Country Club. Here are a few images from the day…

Alicia & Josiah's Ponte Vedra Wedding Photos at TPC Sawgrass CC.

Wedding Dress – Oleg Cassini – Trumpet style gown.

Wedding Shoes – White by Vera Wang – Platform shoe in ivory.

The Tux – Mens Wearhouse – Vera Wang “Black” Collection. Charcoal Gray, slim fitted tuxedo. Groomsmen wore Navy blue converse tennis shoes & Groom worse custom converse tennis shoes.

Bridesmaids Dresses – White by Vera Wang – Navy Blue short draped satin dress with sash.

Ceremony Location – Southpoint Community Church – Jacksonville Florida. Traditionally wedding ceremonies are held in the sanctuary of our church, but the center of our building is a gorgeous circular rotunda lined with windows on 2 sides. Josiah and I loved the idea of getting married in that space because it provided more natural light & allowed us to shape our seating semi-circular for a more intimate ambiance.

Reception Location – TPC at Sawgrass Clubhouse – Ponte Vedra Beach, FL. Gorgeous venue!

Hotel Accommodations – Sawgrass Marriott Golf Resort & Spa, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL.

Wedding Planner – Angelina Buchanan – Day of Wedding Coordinator. Julie Davis Events – Wedding Designer Hair – Casey Powell, owner of ModClass. Wedding Wire 2013 Bride’s Choice Make-up – Robin Klob, independent make-up consultant.

Florist – Julie Davis, Julie Davis Events.

Officiant – Pastor Andrew Jacobs Caterer – TPC Sawgrass Clubhouse in-house Executive Chef.

Photographer – IRROK Photography! The dynamic duo themselves!

Cake – No cake – “sorbet & ice cream bar”. Instead of an engraved cake cutter, Josiah & I had engraved spoons made that said “His ice cream” & “Her ice cream”

Entertainment – KTG Entertainment- amazing!

Special Thanks – First & foremost we thank our Heavenly Father for uniting us in marriage & launching us into the adventure of our lives! We owe a special thank you to our families for all they did to make our wedding day so special & to our dear friends who celebrated right beside us! We also want to thank our Pastor, Andy Jacobs, for his counsel and care in preparing us for this sacred covenant; Our amazing photographers for going the extra mile to capture the spirit of our day and Julie Davis Events for making our vision for the wedding come to life.

Jacksonville Wedding Photographers | Cummer Museum Wedding

     We recently had the privilege to photograph Mirna & William's Jacksonville wedding in Riverside at The Cummer Museum.  The Ceremony was held at the St. John Devine followed by a  reception at The Cummer Museum of Arts… Each vendor played a valuable role in helping to make this day a success. Event management was handled by the staff at Chef's Garden. The reception was transformed into work of art and the outdoor dance floor gave the guests full use of the entire gardens. The staff at McGee Entertainment had everyone up and dance the whole night thru... Elaborate decorations, lighting and flowers made our job a piece of cake! Here are a few of my favorites from the day... 

Mirna & William's Riverside Wedding Photos at The Cummer Museum.

Ponte Vedra Wedding Photographer | TPC Sawgrass CC Wedding 

    We recently had the privilege to photography Cathy & Drew's wedding in Ponte Vedra at The TPC Sawgrass Country Club. The ceremony was held on the rear lawn followed by their reception held in the grand ballroom. A live band played music thru the entire evening keeping the wedding guests on their toes! The staff at TPC Sawgrass always do a phenomenal job w/ catering and hospitality... Here are a few of our favorite wedding images from Cathy & Drew's day. 

Cathy & Drew's Ponte Vedra Wedding Photos at TPC Sawgrass

Jax Beach Wedding Photographer | Casa Marina Wedding   

We recently had the privilege to photography Christine & Zach's wedding in Jax Beach at The Casa Marina Hotel. The ceremony was held on the rear patio overlooking the ocean, followed by their outdoor reception under the stars.  Here are a few of our favorite wedding images from the day. 

Christine & Zach's Jax Beach Wedding at The Casa Marina Hotel

Jacksonville wedding Photographer | Rodman Plantation Wedding

Feeling so fortunate to capture these moments for Amy & Patrick... Odete and I always look for something unique on each wedding day and I think we hit a home run at the Rodman Plantation in Palatka. Here are some of our favorite wedding images from the day!

Amy & Patrick's Palatka Wedding at The Rodman Plantation

St. Augustine Wedding Photographer | A Pioneer Barn at Ft. Melendez Wedding

Here are my favorites from Amber & Brandon's recent wedding at The Pioneer Barn at Fort Menendez. Thank you to Staci & the staff of SPR Events for all of her organization skills and beautiful decor. Kevin at Party Solution Entertainment made the reception a success! Everyone partied the entire night. 

Amber & Brandon's St. Augustine Wedding at The Ft. Menendez Pioneer Barn

Jacksonville Wedding Photographer | DeerCreek Country Club Wedding 

Say hello to Mr. & Mrs. Howard! Valerie & Jacob were recently married at The DeerCreek Country Club in Jacksonville Florida. Jacob set the bar extremely high for all grooms from this point forward. His Up themed gift to Valerie left the entire group of bridesmaids in tears! Probably the most sentimental gestures that we have witnessed to date... Odete and I want to say thank you for choosing us to be a part of your wedding day. We really enjoyed being there to capture all of the best moments of your perfect day!

Valerie & Jacob's Jacksonville Wedding at DeerCreek Country Club

St. Simons Island Wedding Photographer | St. Simons Lighthouse Wedding

Say Hello to Mr. & Mrs. Thomas! Amanda & John were recently married at the Lighthouse on St. Simons Island. Close friends of the bride did an AMAZING job of day of planners! Thank you to Sabeen and Asghar for all of their attention to detail. The day started at Ocean Inn and Suites in a stunning bridal suite that overlooked the St. Simons lighthouse venue. Amanda & John decided to see each other prior to the ceremony and performed a first look at a local park. We followed with photos of the the wedding party and family portraits... The ceremony was held on the lawn at the base of the Lighthouse followed by a cocktail hour on the rear patio of the historic landmark. The reception was a high energy filled with plenty of music from the Bay Kings Band and we provided a Photo Booth to capture fun candids of the guests throughout the night. Thank you for choosing Irrok Photography to capture your special day. We had a great time being there and photographing all of best moments of this momentous occasion!

-Ronnie & Odete

Amanda & John's St. Simons Island Lighthouse Wedding

Jacksonville Wedding Photographer  | Bowing Oaks Plantation

Irrok Photography would like to congratulate Alex & Dalton on their recent marriage at Bowing Oaks Plantation. Odete and I both had such a great time working with them to capture all of the many, many fun moments. After 10+ years of wedding photography, I thought I had seen it all, but Dalton and his groomsmen, Alex and her Bridesmaids + The sincere emotion from his & her side of their family was amazing to witness. As photographers it is our jobs to capture and document all of the days moments, we do use our experience to provide tips, poses and seek out the best locations and lighting, but the most important part of the recipe is the bride, the groom, the newly wed couple, the bridal party, the family….. the people who are our subject for this special day are the most important part of this process. ( It doesn’t hurt to have a custom designed wedding venue or thousands of flowers and decor ), but the people tell the story and inspire us to capture it with style. I invite you to view the images below and read the bride and grooms recap of the day.

From the bride... I have never been married before so when I showed up to Bowing Oaks on the day of my wedding, I had no clue what to expect. I tend to be a realist, so I was thinking of every possible thing that could happen, and go wrong. I was pleasantly surprised to realize that the day went flawlessly. From my coordinator, decorator, DJ, makeup artist to photographers I had the best “team” I think possible. We (the bride squad) started off our day early. We got to Bowing Oaks at 9 am to begin getting ready. We started off our day with mimosas, to calm the nerves and to celebrate my last few hours with my girls before becoming a wife! Ron and Odete get there around 1:00 pm to begin taking photos. Odete joined the girls, and Ron went to the guys. I am not a confident person, by any means. Odete got me out of my shell; she kept all of us laughing and made the entire process a blast. We also had a hiccup with my maid of honors dress. The zipper broke, and wouldn’t zip at all. Odete was grabbing her sewing kit from her bag and was ready to sew her in the dress if she couldn’t get it. The most emotional moment for all of us was the first look with my dad. I was looking out the window, and he tapped on my shoulder so that we would face each other for the first time. We all lost it; there wasn’t a dry eye in the room. It was a very special moment for all of us. I was looking out the window, and he tapped on my shoulder so that we would face each other for the first time. We all lost it; there wasn’t a dry eye in the room. It was a very special moment and I am so happy it was photographed. Now, on the other side of the venue, some craziness seemed to be occurring in the groomsman suite with Ron. I knew that my other half is crazy, but I was extremely shocked to see all of the photos of how crazy they got! All of the guys had so much fun with their photos. Next, we have the ceremony. I knew that Dalton would be in shock when I walked down the aisle but the reaction that happened was more emotional than any of us thought it would be. Dalton’s tears were infectious and everyone at the wedding had tears in their eyes. After the ceremony, we took pictures with our bridal party. All of us know each other pretty well, and it shows in the pictures. It would not have been the same without any of them. The reception was so much fun! Our DJ killed it, and we all had a blast dancing the remainder of the night away. For the exit, we gave out individual bubbles so everyone blew bubbles as we left to our exit. Our wedding was amazing, and I couldn’t be happier!

Please take a moment to look at the images below.

Like what you see? Feel free to Review us Here or at the bottom of the page…

Ronnie & Odete …. Irrok Photography | Contact Us | 904-316-4555

Alex & Daltons Bowing Oaks Plantation Wedding

A Surprise Wedding at The Jacksonville Public Library!

I can’t even begin to explain how much fun it was to be a part of Christina & Ryan’s Jacksonville Library wedding. You’re probably wondering what the heck is a surprise wedding. How does that work? That’s impossible to pull off… etc… etc… I can tell you that Christina & Ryan only knew the day and time they were getting married…. That’s it! Long story short, Ryan and Christina have two very busy schedules, so it had been difficult for them to find the time to plan. Ryan’s family LOVES surprises, so his sister Tracy jokingly said… ” You guys should just let me & mom plan your wedding for you! Let us worry about all of the details and you guy will have to do is get dressed, show up, get married, and have fun! ” Ryan thought it was genius and Christina got on board too! They provided a guest list, their budget, and who they would like to be in their wedding party. Christina picked her own wedding dress, but other than that, they gave mom and sister Tracy the green light to plan the best (and hopefully most fun) night of their lives!

I can tell you that it was one of, if not the most exciting wedding we had the pleasure of photographing. Blindfolding the groom at the hotel and putting him on a trolly ( that he probably thought was a city bus. ) to bringing him in thru the loading dock, and having him ride the libraries freight elevator to throw him off! The groomsmen even had him sit in some folding chairs in a large conference room explaining that this is where the dinner would be held. Ryan was growing concerned for sure. Christina’s morning was probably a little less hectic since I doubt the bridesmaids played many tricks on her, but she was about to meet with Ryan for a first look and venue unveiling! The bride and groom were lead up to the 3rd floor and placed back to back. Ryan still blind folded and Christina with her eyes closed. The two stood anxiously waiting unsure of what to expect and excite to see each other. 1, 2, 3 and they both opened their eyes in amazement! Taken back from the attention to detail and thought that mom and Tracy had put into this special day for them both. Ryan stood on the balcony overlooking the courtyard and fountains. His sister coming up the steps to find him with tears of joy. He and Christina were so thankful for everyone’s effort to make this day happen for them both!

Please take a moment to look at the images below…

Like what you see? Feel free to Review us Here or at the bottom of the page…  

Ronnie & Odete …. Irrok Photography | Contact Us | 904-316-4555

Christina & Ryan's Jacksonville Public Library Wedding

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