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Who is
Irrok Photography?

Meet Ronnie & Odete
We are north florida
husband and wife wedding 
photographers, and over the past 6 years 

we have been capturing the 
most special day
your wedding day. 

We have Three dedications... 
Each Other
Celebrating almost 10 years together!
Katheryn & Ronnie
Our amazing children...
Irrok Photography
Going on it's 6th anniversary!

:: About Odete ::

When I was younger, I knew that I wanted to be an artist. At first, I searched many different areas of art. I tried painting, sculpting, and making jewelry. I explored every medium in search of my talents, before long, I found myself in college learning interior design. 

Little did I know that on a spring break vacation to the United States I would meet my husband, best friend and soul mate and discover another hidden talent. Irrok Photography was about to be born. I fell in love with photography shortly after the birth of my first child. 

My husband Ron gave me my first camera as a gift. I knew then that I wanted to capture every single moment in my daughters life. While I was working part-time in a bridal shop I shared some of my images with a client. She hired me to photograph her wedding. 

I arrived home to tell my husband that I had been asked by a client to be her photographer. I remember feeling, overwhelmed, nervous, uncertain and most of all excited, but I knew from the bottom of my heart that I had stumbled upon my chance to become the artist I always dreamt of being. 

:: About Ron ::

When I was young I was searching for a career.  I was unsure what I wanted to do with my life, but I did know that I wanted to be "my own boss". As I grew a little older I found myself working summer jobs for mom and pop businesses and often asked questions paying close attention and gathering any information they were willing to share. 

Growing up I did not have a computer and never learned to type on a keyboard till age twenty. I remember this though, once I discovered computers it felt like second nature. I immediately excelled and found myself constantly in search of new information. 

My love of Computers started in earnest my first christmas with Odete. I received under the tree a brand new Mac Pro. This is when I became (like Odete says)  " A Geek. " 

Little did I know that I was on a fast track to becoming Irrok's web designer, blogger. photo editor as well as a photographer. I began focusing my desire on learning everything I could about the world of wedding photography.

:: About Us As A Couple ::

We met in Orlando Florida. I fell in love with Odete as soon as I saw her, It was truly love at first sight! From that moment I knew that I had found my best friend. After months of hard work teaching her our language, our culture & romantic dinners I finally stole her heart! 

It was well worth the wait. Six months later we were married. Together we love to cook, go on family camping trips and most of all spending quality time with our two kids!

:: About Us As Photographers ::

Our biggest joy is creating love stories from the other side of the lens with a creative/fun approach – two different angles, one unique look. We believe in true love, which is why we absolutely adore capturing the love and emotion that we see in every engagement or wedding that we are chosen to photograph. 

We strive to create, fresh, spontaneous and creative portraits, and emotionally charged candids that reflect each couples story and relationship.  We feel absolutely blessed to have sunny Jacksonville, Florida to explore and photograph your next session or event!

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